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2005/05/08: Apollon is released!

2004/10/13: Apollon 1.0.1 is released!

2004/09/26: Apollon 1.0 is released!

2004/07/28: Apollon 1.0 beta1 is released. All-in-one will come soon.

2004/05/15: Apollon 0.9.4 and all-in-one 0.3 is released!

2004/05/05: bugfix in the all-in-one installer.

2004/04/04: Released a complete new installer for apollon!

2004/04/04: Again a bugfix-release: Compile-errors like "firstrun.h not found" and QT-issue resolved - hopefully ;)

2004/03/31: Released apollon-dist-qt31-1.tar.bz2 because the previous file had
some bugs in the installer-script and the files on the mirrors were broken from some reason.

2004/03/27: Added a release which compiles also under the QT-version 3.1

2004/03/18: Apollon 0.9.3-1 has been released! Get it from the Files section.